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Brand of padlocks Bedlam uses for both standard and alcohol locks on the café and the fire exit and main door security. Typically, the corresponding keys should only come in two sizes, however a load exist on the TM keys to which there don't appear to be any locks. Each padlock should have a number on it, so if you take the padlock to a locksmith, you should be able to get more padlocks/keys that are the same lock.


See Actors

Adam House

See Other theatres: Adam House

AGM - Annual General Meeting

Outgoing committee reports explaining what they have done during their year are given. The committee for the coming year is elected. Fringe shows are proposed and selected. Any other large motions affecting the running of the company are proposed and debated. Loads of talk happens about the constitution. Bring a pen, a book and a crate of booze.


See Tools: AJ


See Committee: Archivist


See AGM, Company meetings, Pubs etc


What the EUTC is technically all about to promote. “Art holds up a mirror to the universe” but since the universe is infinite, there is no mirror large enough therefore art is crap. (nb this is not to be confused with painting. painting is pretty.)

Avalon Stage Armoury

Have known moved to Glasgow (I think). Run by Alan Jeffreys. Make sure to phone before you go there because chances are he’ll not be in. Make sure anything borrowed gets returned on time, in a decent state and people pay promptly. He’s reasonably cheap and the only place around that hires stage armoury out.


See Auditorium



We have two wood and six canvas: - The wood ones are:- one is a large rectangle which is used for mainterms and one is a large Fat Cat which can be used during the fringe. The mainterm one gets repainted for each show and should get painted in gloss for water proofing reasons. The banners are tied to the eyelets on the front of the building and when the fat cat gets put up the head needs to be tied to the stonework which requires climbing skills. - The Canvas ones are for fringe use only. The hang for canvas baners is approx 4.5m and are normally hung from the towers above the red notice boards. Eyelets exist for this purpose. and comprise: -- Two red banners that say "Bedlam" and "Theatre" -- Two that have giant Becks bottles and Venue 49 on them. The Becks banners were part of a sponsorship deal in years past and do not have to be hung. There are/were also some Cobra banners for a similar reason. -- Two 5m length blue Deuchas IPA with the words "Bedlam Theatre, Venue 49". Please note the 5m length for a 4.5m hang, in Fringe 2007 they were suspended on a secured scaffolding structure on top of each tower. Lighting was also put on top of each of the scaffolding structures. It worked well, however make sure you put the banners flat against the wall or they will blow out and rip out from the eyelets.

Barrett, Mr David

He is incharge of the Electrical department of Estates and Buildings. His phone number is 0131 650 2484. We should get him to organise any electrical installations we get.

Bedlam Red (gloss)

This is the colour that FoH woodwork is painted. It can be bought from Ian Russell and is called "rioja red."


There are bins through out the building with black liners in. They are never emptied unless the theatre manager, the FoH Manager or the Duty Manager tells someone to do it, although any member of the company can if they like. The large bin outside the side entrance ("Claymore") gets emptied on a Monday Morning and the lid was replaced after the old one snapped off in 2001. Watch out about overloading it, the bin men can become angry. It was once filled with scrap metal and almost broke the bin lorry. The key to Claymore is the green plastic thing on the Duty Manager's keys, TM keys, and others.
The FoH bins are located round the front of the building on either side of the door, they were re-located there to prevent tramp mis-use. These bins occasionally have needles left in or near them, be careful when emptying. The key to the FoH bins is the metal tab thing on the FoH manager's keys.

Bin Bags

Readily available to company members in the cleaning cupboard, it’s amazing that some long standing members have to ask you where they are.

Don't waste them because then we have to spend money getting more when we could be spending that money on cool shit like softer bog roll or new tools or lanterns.

Black Light

See Lighting Hire

Black Techie

See Black Techie

Blackwood, Alan

EUSA Buildings Manager. Not Owen Quinn.


Buy it in big 5l bottles, great for cleaning the toilets and for pouring over the backstage exit when someone has forgotten to lock it and it’s been pissed on, less of a problem now it's not a bog. Also works as a weed killer.

Blue Meanie

The Edinburgh term for Parking Attendant, they’re the nasty people who fine you if you park in the wrong place. See parking for how to get away with parking at Bedlam. They live on Chambers Street so never park here illegally because it’s the first and last place they check. They also have offices on Garden Terrace so watch out if you park here.


See Pubs: Bobbys


Really useful for holding things together but you can never find a matching set. People are to be encouraged to attach nuts and washers to them when they add them to the collection.

Braces, Stage

See: Braces

Brika Float

A yummy thing consisting of ice cream stuck in the bottom of a pint glass and Smirnoff Ice poured in on top of it. There may be stirring involved depending on how sloshed you are already and how much you really care. Invented by a strange Canadian and occasionally served in the Bedlam café on pain of loud squealy sounds.

Broom, Alastair

Part Techie, Part Author (of the 1991 revision of this manual). Complete saint and has been known to be witty on occasion.

See: User:AlTheTechie

Buildings Agreement

See: Buildings Agreement

Business Manager

See: Business Manager



Mains cable is best bought from Blacklight. Fancy cable can be bought from Farnell (See Farnell) or from Maplin (See Maplin)


See Café


See Comms


See Take Aways


Ok, there are lots of carpets around and they were replaced in: Ogg Office 1999, Side Entrance fringe 2001, Auditorium 1998 with tiles added 2005, Dressing room 2000. Carpet is stored on the balcony under the floor of the workshop area which can be accessed by moving the steps which lead down to the scaff store. The carpet in the dressing room is guaranteed for five years against most of the stuff that happens to it but you have try to clean it with the stuff they provided first which has since been lost. The paperwork can be found in the Theatre Manager’s drawer in the guarantees section. The carpet in the side entrance and auditorium walkways are tiles so that when too much paint is spilled on them you can just replace the affected tiles.


Fun and joy! Go, go dance like a crazy person! See Teannaich

Central Fish and Chip Shop

See Take Aways


Look in the show section for "Smoking on stage" guidelines. It's amazing how many times you have to tell people not to smoke in the auditorium, especially now that smoking is illegal in the building. Make sure there is a copious amount of No Smoking signs throughout the building, even in the box office.


For when pissed and dressed up (Or end of fringe). See Cigarettes


Can be purchased from Edinburgh Fabrics on South Clerk Street, which has the advantage of being very close and has reasonable prices (ask for student discount). If you are buying a lot it is generally worth it to go to the Cloth Shop in Leith (at the end of Broughton Road, you can walk there from Bedlam in about forty minutes) which has a better selection and can be cheaper for buying in bulk. If you need speciality fabrics there is also Mandors on East Claremont Street, but they can be pricey. Ask the wardrobe manager before buying because we have rather a lot of spare material in the costume cupboard.


This tends to be a bit of a nightmare and any major undertakings should be vetoed in the Theatre Manager’s Questionnaire stage. You need to keep an eye on people doing it because it’s amazing the number of actors who will try and use power tools without knowing anything about what they’re doing. Construction should not happen in FoH areas without the permission of the Theatre Manager and the FoH Manager. Café furniture should not be used in construction because it gets damaged. Allowing construction in the Office is not sensible because it makes a mess and the president rarely tidies.

Cooker, kitchen

See: Guide to Building - Cooker

Costume Cupboard

See Costuming or Costume Cupboard

Counter, Box Office

See Box Office - Counter



  1. Unit of temperature, normally low in the auditorium and too high in the office, just right in the café.
  2. Level of education, normally gained at University. Technically this is what you’re here for, try not to forget although don’t neglect the building.

Desk, Office

We have 2 working desks! Woot!


Buy it in big 5L containers.


Most problem sets are not due to SMs but directors demanding them and not knowing how to build them. Useful for cleaning the toiletsat work ins.

Disabled Access

The only disabled access to the theatre is through the side entrance. This classes as only limited access as people can’t use it when a show is on. Make sure box office staff know to tell them to turn up 20 mins before the performance so they’re not left sitting in the rain.

Disabled Legislation

By 2003 all public buildings must have full disabled access. We should build a ramp into the main doors.

Disabled Seats

The two seats on the front row stage left are easily removes, you just have to remove the four coach bolts and they lift out in a block. It’s a lot easier than the old practice of having to take two seats apart. You just have to make sure that the box office staff reduce the number of seats available for the performance. Always make sure you know about any disabled people who book themselves in, most will because they do recognise that we have to make special provision.

Disabled Toilets

We really need to have these so we can go in the fringe programme as having disabled facilities. The legislation sets a minimum door width, the doors must open outwards and you need to be able to open them from the outside.


see Communication: Doorbell



Edinburgh District Council. 200 2000. For Trade Waste, Licensing, Listed Building stuff.


Edinburgh International Festival. Runs at a similar time to the Fringe but tends to be big events like opera and concerts. Finishes with the Firework concert which is held in Prince’s Street Gardens and rivals the Hogmanay display.

Electrical work

You can normally get away with minor stuff like changing light bulbs. We’re definitely not allowed to do mains wiring which is why there are a few interesting cable runs in which look like real sockets but the cable runs to a plug which gets put into a wall socket (much confusion when someone unplugs it).

Electrical Mishaps

Try not to have any. Hope the fuses blow and the PCBs work. It is possible to survive a 415V 100A shock but the odds are against you so try and be safe.

Electrical Rating

Explanation. Bedlam is supplied with a full supply of three phases (Red, Blue and Yellow - EEC rules state these are now called Live 1,2,3 and coloured Black, Grey and Brown adding to everybody's pain.) each at 100A, 240V. General building power is drawn from the Red phase.

Electricity Bills

A man comes around every so often and checks the meter and we get billed monthly. The annual bill is around £2500. Try and remember to turn the lights off.

Endless Loop

See Loop, Endless.

Entertainments Manager

Their big job through the year is to organise the ball: the best balls start with champagne, then food followed by a celeidh with lots of booze in the middle.

They fundraise during the year to make the ball ticket cheaper.
Committee: Entertainments Manager

Estates and Buildings

The department of the University that is responsible for keeping Bedlam upright and weather tight. You will probably be on the phone to them every other week getting stuff fixed. They try to be helpful but you need to get put through to the right department…. We had a problem with the boiler in the kitchen and they sent us a plumber when what it needed was an electrician and the plumber said all the pipes were fine and went away again and I had to call again to get an electrician out. (See Works Department)


Edinburgh University Students Association is the union for Edinburgh University students. They monitor our finances and make sure we’re not being stupid with our use of the building. At the end of the year they take care of any under/over spend so often there is a spending spree just before they empty our coffers. They are also responsible to the University for maintenance to the building, they quite often get left out when you deal directly with the University so try and let them know what’s happening.

Exterior Floods

We have one Sunflood (500W) lamp above the door and two 1K floods on the roof. The 1k floods were replaced for fringe 2001 because one of the old ones had had the glass break and then a pigeon decided to make it into a nest and was electrocuted. They can be turned on using the exterior floods breaker and the exterior floods switch in the fuse cupboard. You need to turn them both on. Gelling them looks nice but they burn through very quickly.


Normally in short supply these are a metal loop attached to a screw. They get lost and people always come to you for them so it is worth keeping a few spares. The best place to find them is in the back of flats (See Flats).



Electrical and Electronic component supply company. We have a small (£10000) account with them. The catalogue gets delivered periodically so make sure you get it before it gets binned. Our account number is on the catalouge and you will need it when ordering. If you order before 3pm it should arrive the next day.

Filling Cabinets

We have four, one in the Ogg Office and two in the main office in which anyone important has a drawer. The theatre manager’s drawer is useful for keeping stuff in that you think you’ll need, I normally kept a 4D Maglite, Gaffa, eyelets and proplus there. The accountant, the Business Manager and the President are the only people with keys to the cabinet in the Ogg Office. Currently the fourth cabinet is in the side entrance lobby till someone has a better place for it. The Accountant’s cabinet was new after the old one was trashed when we were broken into fringe 2001.


See Fire

First Aid

There should be a registered first aider on duty when the building is open to the public. It is worth looking into for the Fringe as you’ll have the same staff all month. Legally there should be a first aider around whenever construction is being carried out. First aid training can be arranged from the St Andrew’s Ambulance for about £10 so it might be worth organising a session, especially for the committee because that way you would have one on duty when the building is open.

First Aid Boxes

First aid boxes should be found in the office, the box office and the café. There is currently only one public first aid box in the box office and one small first aid kit, not for the public, in the café. Blue plasters should also normally be found in the kitchen. The first aid boxes need to be monitored to keep their contents up to date, each box has a list of what it should contain on the box. You’ll find that people use up all the plasters without telling you and then complain when they can’t find any.


See Flats

Flat Store

See Balconies: Flat Store


Do not- I repeat - NOT replace the cover on the drainpipe outside the back fire exit. It causes flooding, and water runs straight down into the foundations, causing the building to collapse even faster than it will already.

Floor Boards

Most of ours are pretty manky especially the ones under the stage. They are faff to replace and quite expensive.

Foyer Lights

The Lights in the foyer run off a 12V supply which also feeds the doorbell. The supply is located in the tech box. They are turned on at the switch in the box office and have a tendency to blow.

Fresher’s Week

This is when we try and sell EUTC to lots of sweet innocent things straight from high school. Try and keep the building reasonably tidy and concentrate on going out drinking, don’t let them rope you into organising anything. It is a good idea to try and make a decent first impression. There are normally shows happening and they tend to have no budget and ask for lots of favours, try and make them good because good shows attract members.


See Fringe

Fringe Venue Manager

See Committee: Fringe Venue Manager

Fringe Safe

An excellent book containing all the information you need to stay safe and legal, definitely worth a read even if you’re not doing the Fringe. Can be obtained from the Fringe Society Office on the High Street, although the Venue Manager (See Fringe Venue Manager) should be sent a copy. Every Fringe company used to be sent a copy but now only the venue managers get one.

Front of House Manager

See Committee: Front of House Manager


This breaks down into two sections.

  1. Bedlam furniture which is stuff which is used in the everyday life of the theatre so café stools, tables and the contents of the office. None of this should appear on stage.
  2. Set furniture which is mainly kept on the balcony. None of this should appear in the café or office.


Gaffa Tape

It is much like The Force, in that it has a Dark Side, a Light Side and holds the whole known universe together. Mainterms need to buy their own. You should keep a supply but don't put it all out cos it will walk. It can be bought from many suppliers, with Screwfix being about the cheapest followed by SKL and Blacklight.


We have gas powered heating and the meter gets read monthly. We normally spend £1000 yearly on heating the building, although this has risen to about £2000 by trying to keep the actors happy but it didn’t work so this practice has been abandoned…..as long as the cans in the café don’t freeze, fob them off with an it’s an old cold building and even if I put the heating on 24 hours it would make no difference story.


Glass is dangerous stuff in set construction, try and persuade them to use Perspex instead which easier to work with. You shouldn’t need to work about glass because replacing windows comes under keeping the building weather tight which the University is responsible for (See Buildings Agreement).

Gordon, Mr Jim

Supplies us with all our toilet supplies.

Grandad Tech

The appellation given to the most experienced tech in the room. Normally the oldest ex tech manager although in the absence of a tech manager ex Theatre Managers may be considered. If there are none of either the title may not be used, but since that chance of there not being one in the pub this is a situation which has never arisen.

Greyfriar’s Bobby's Bar

See Pubs: Bobbys


See Guides: Guidelines



See Tools: Hammers


The cheapest wood, it is little more than cardboard. It is useful for covering things although not if you want them to last. It expands when wet so can be used in a shrink to fit fashion like reskinning the stage (See Stage). It can’t really be reused because it just crumbles.

Heating System

We have a gas powered system, the schematics and instructions for use can be found in the relevant appendix. Be nasty because we can’t afford to heat the building 24/7 and even then the actors would still complain. The tank in the auditorium makes funny noises when the heating turns on or off which scares actors. It also detracts from plays so try and make sure it does not cycle when there is a play on, I spent three weeks with it turning off at 20:00 until I watched a performance and it gurgled for a minute during a quiet bit. OOPS


Convenient DIY store. THEY DO NOT SELL BLACK MATT PAINT!!! (see Ian Russell Paints). However, for all other things, not the cheapest option, but quick (especially for first year's who live in Hermit's Croft!).

House Lights

There are eight house lights which are controlled from the dimmers, usually on channel 48. They used to dim from a small box connected to a power supply halfway down the balcony on House Left next to the trip switches. The small box is still knocking about somewhere, but generally it's much easier to keep them operated from the board. The four of the house lights are wired in the others can be unplugged and moved for conversion projects.


Ian Russell Paints

An independent paint retailer on Marchmont Road. We have an account so you don’t need cash. They keep a stock of matt black especially for us and can get anything if given enough time.


See Pubs: Dropkick Murphy's


See Communication: Intercoms

Irn Bru

The drink of the techie - it makes a refreshing hangover cure. Often endowed with the fabled negative number membership it’s presence can be seen in the number of 20p deposit bottles. Because of the deposit bottles it can also feed a hungry techie with the equation 6xbottle=chips.


Jack, Mr David

The University Buildings Manager who can help with big maintenance and knowing what permits to get when you want to do things. His number is 0131 650 2475.

Jeffreys, Mr Alan

He runs Avalon Stage Armoury (See Avalon Stage Armoury). He's now located in Glasgow, so plan ahead when thinking about getting ammunition.


Kennedy, Mr Malcolm

Edinburgh District Council’s Building Inspector has been dealing with us for years. He understands how we run but make sure to get the building tidy before he visits. Chances are you will only see him once, during the annual licence inspection but if you change the layout of the theatre like with an auditorium conversion he needs to get a set of plans before you do it and to come and inspect it after you’re finished.


See Keys



See Heidegger's Theory


The techies multitool of choice, there are several main types with the “Supertool” being favourite with the older techs and “Wave” more popular with newer techs. The “Wave” is prettier and more ergo dynamic than the larger “Supertool”. In function they differ little, having a good set of pliers, two blades, one straight, one serrated, a file, a saw several screwdrivers and an can/bottle opener. The “Wave” also has a very good set of scissors. Techies favour the leatherman brand due to their strength and reliability. Though watch out for Gerber multi-tools as well. Favoured more by Americans, the most popular model has spring-release quick access pliers. They're cool because they have replaceable parts, but you can only get them fixed in America.


The pulsating, bloody heart of the Bedlam. Currently shelved in the Box Office cupboard. See Library for a list of available books.


The main one you need to worry about is the annual theatre license. Ours runs from May 31st for a year. Prior to this date you will be contacted by the four branches of the council who need to look at the theatre. More information can be found in the section on People & Inspections. You might also have to know about Alcohol Licenses for festivals and the fringe. The license we apply for is an Occasional Permissions which we use to turn us into a members/patrons bar. Do not let people apply for an Occasional License because you need a licensed publican which we don’t have. You need to be careful about who can drink when covered by occasional permissions, we normally try to have a policy of members and patrons only. Bedlam does not need an Entertainments License for doing film showing and stuff, we are covered by our theatre license. If you are interested in more info on licenses look in Fringe Safe which goes through all the legal stuff.


Bedlam Theatre’s Licensee is EUTC’s President. The Theatre Manager is their responsible manager and is responsible to them for keeping the building legal. If things go tits up and people die both of you are liable and could be jailed.

Lighting Rig

Bedlam's lighting rig is 12'6" above the stage, there are 3 long bars along the auditorium and 6 bars which run across the auditorium. Along the 6 shorter bars there are additional conduit bars. From each conduit bar there hang 14 sockets. The other end of the circuits is at the patch panel (See Patch Panel, LX) It should be rehung every few years. It was last rehung Fringe '05.

Loop, Endless

See Endless Loop



See Tools: Maglite

Make Up

We have recently been given a set of basic stage make-up. Talk to the wardrobe manager if you need it. Some shows use it for effect and few things make more mess than actors either applying or removing make-up. Just make sure the Stage Manager cleans up afterwards and warn them if they don’t realise what a mess it will make. If professional-level make-up/advice is needed the best person to contact is Sarah Cairncross (about_time_scotland@yahoo.co.uk) who is quite good.


A techies toy store. A shop that sells electrical gubbins. They sell cable and connectors as well as all the other stuff that the tech manager might want. They are now in Gorgie. Schemie camouflage required.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

A cheap wood substitute that can be used for covering areas, it normally comes in 8’x4’ pieces of varying thickness. It is popular because it is cheap (Being sawdust mixed with glue) but is tends to be brittle and if it gets wet tends to disintergrate. Because it is so brittle it really doesn’t make sensible flooring

Microphone Sockets

There are several microphone runs from the tech box to the stage cupboard. The end in the tech box can be found behind the sound equipment and the end in the stage cupboard is under the stage beside the steps.

ML Event Services

See Lighting Hire


You’ll have a budget, the Business Manager can tell you how much you’ve spent. Give the Business Manager receipts and the appropriate forms and you’ll get cash if it’s less than about £30 or a cheque if it’s more than that. If you need the money quickly cheques can be made to cash but you can only cash them at the Bank of Scotland on George IV Bridge. You can get a cheque for delivery people- ask the business manager.


See Tools: Multitool

Murray's Tool Stores

There are several branches of Murray’s around, they sell decent quality tools at a reasonable price as well as general hardware. They tend to give a discount to EUTC members, although it’s normally just knocking the pennies off a purchase.



The most useful word in your vocabulary (See Yes), just think how much easier your life would be if you had know this word when they asked you to be Theatre Manager. Now go find a Stage Manager to practice it on……no not the cute ones.

No No Nanette

A musical of dubious quality.


They get lost and you can never get them to match up with bolts. Get people to attach them to their bolts when they’re removed from set.



What’s one of these then?

Outside Companies

We try and hire ourselves out because it gets money in and the members get paid for staffing. You need to watch outside companies because often they don’t have a clue as to what’s illegal. I’ve written a set of guidelines and a questionnaire for outside companies. Make sure that whoever is supervising the in knows what they’re doing (Unless you can get the job….try and get paid a technician wage for it not just the general wage). You’ll need to check the set but remember that they’re paying a lot of money so be professional and polite,



We use lots, the main ones you’ll have to buy in are black and white matt. They can be got from Ian Russell (See Ian Russell) or the Paint Shed (See Paint Shed) quite cheaply. Don’t let people paint the stage in gloss because it needs to be sanded down before it can be painted over.

Paint Brushes

We get through a lot of these because people are unable to was them properly. Make sure that you always have white spirit (See White Spirit) in stock so that people can wash gloss off their brushes. Be nasty and keep a couple of nice ones locked away for when you have to paint something.

Paint Rollers

These are worse than brushes for getting fucked because they are that much more effort to wash. As with brushes yell at people to do it right and make sure you’ve got a nice one locked away for when you need it.

Paint Shed, The

A large paint shop on Howe Street (Just walk down Fredrick Street and keep going). They can normally get stuff when Ian Russell can’t and are slightly cheaper but a lot further away.


Bedlam is on yellow lines,(and upon bricks because of some geordie...see Timms) currently you can load between 0930 and 1700 and park between 1830 and 0800, this means that from 0800 till 0930 and 1700 till 1830 you can’t park at all. To prevent yourself getting parking tickets you need to leave the boot of your car open so that you class as loading, you still have to return to the car every five minutes but at least you don’t get a ticket. If you need to park for longer you can call the Parking Attendants head office and tell them you’re there officially. I’ve never actually managed to get through to them when I’ve needed to but they’ve assured me that all I need to do is call.

Parking Attendant

See Blue Meanie

Panic Button

See Communication: Panic Alarm


Used as a glass substitute it is easier to work and a lot safer onstage. It still fractures to give sharp edges so care must be taken and any residue cleaned up. The best way to cut it is with a Stanley knife which takes work and time but persevere.


We have a photocopy account in the David Hume Tower copy centre (in the basement of the building, across from the creepy canteen).

Pigeon Holes

Each committee member has a pigeon hole where you can stick stuff for them, people never check them so it’s better to put notes on the board. They’re useful to use for pending (I can’t be bothered doing it right now) stuff.


Most of it’s falling down so watch out what gaffa you remove. Repairing plasterwork takes a degree of skill cos you need to get it good and smooth so only let people who know what they’re doing at it. The trick to it is to build it up in thin layers and then water down the top layer so it goes on smoothly.


Of limited use in moving tramps and should be called in the event of theft or assault. The number for St Leonard’s Street police station is 0131 662 1000 - ask for the "Operations Room" if you'd like a constable to come.


Shows make posters and they put them up, the FoH Manager normally monitors the ones FoH and the staff keep them up to date. Legally what you need is for them to be secured at all four corners. To put up posters in Uni Buildings they need to be stamped with the EUSA logo. If you’re doing them make sure that you stamp the master and photocopy it, rather than having to stamp every individual poster. If you enlarge to A3 do this before stamping because it’s obvious when you enlarge the stamp. All posters should show the EUTC logo, have the name and address of the theatre, dates and times of the show, ticket prices and the box office phone number.


See President

Press and Publicity Officer

See Marketing Manager

Printer, Box Office

See Box Office

Productions Manager

See Productions Manager


Quinn, Mr Owen

Owen Quinn used to be the EUSABuildings Manager, so you may hear some stories about him. He is no longer with us (in the context of EUSA, rather than this temporal world). Take this as you will.


Red, Rioja/Bedlam (gloss)

The colour of red that FoH is painted.

Refuse Collection

The large 1100L bin (Claymore) outside the Ogg Office is emptied every Monday, I’ve found that is the best day cos most of the rubbish is created during work-ins on Sundays. During the fringe you need to get it emptied more often, just call Trade Waste. It was replaced in 2001 because the lid snapped off. It now locks which is something of an inconvenience because people just dump bin bags rather than going and getting the key. The key is just a green plastic thing. Lots of annoying people around tend to stick stuff in the bin if it’s not locked so you’ve got to work out which problem annoys you more.


Bedlam has lots, mainly in standard sizes which is useful. Every time they are used they need to be tested for structural integrity. They are stored on the SR balcony and you’ll probably have trouble finding all the right bits if you’re new to the job.

Rubber Gloves

We get through an extraordinary number of pairs, it’s normally worth keeping a couple of pairs of extra thick ones for outside. A supply of disposable gloves is useful too but be aware that some people are allergic to latex ones.



Building scaff correctly is an art form, the trick to it is to build it as strong as possible with as little scaff as possible, using the appropriate clamps (See Scaff Clamps), use common sense and get someone who knows what they’re doing. When in doubt build it then jump on it, if it breaks you can probably work out what’s wrong then rebuild it.

Scaff Clamps

There are several main types of scaff clamps.

  1. Right angle: Simple and strong for joining scaff at right angles.
  2. Swivel: Simple, not as strong as a right angle but can hold scaff at any angle.
  3. Pucklok: Also called a hook clamp, this one should not be used for structural stuff but is a nice simple one for hanging things with.
  4. Clamshell: Simple and gives a neat join, you tighten both sides of the clamp with one bolt
  5. Band & Plate: Another nice simple one for joining scaff at right angles Bedlam owns lots of these but you need to put the bits together right to give it strength.
  6. Sleeve Joint: For joining scaff end on, they tend to get deformed easily and are the most likely clamp to have the nuts stick.
You can make your life a lot easier by using the right type.

Scaff Spanner

see Tools: Podger

Scottish Power

The people we buy our gas and electricity from, they send people around every month to read the meter, it’s amazing how often I’ve seen the meter men considering how little I’m in office hours.


They sell all sorts of hardware cheaply. They sell by catalogue and you can get them to bill us. The stuff isn’t fancy but it works.


Boring thing for putting screws into bits of wood, there are two main types to worry about, slot and crosshead. With crosshead coming in PoziDrive and Phillips. Techies tend to prefer pozi because you get a better grip. If using a powered driver (See SPT) try not to use slotted screws because you will find that unless you get the exact centre of the screw you will lose grip.


The device of choice for holding bits of wood together. Bedlam only seems to stock big or really big screws, finding 1" or smaller screws is difficult. If you don’t know how to use screws yet there’s something wrong.


See Secretary

Security Grills

The Security Grills which obstruct the servery are mainly there to stop Company members from helping themselves. It is possible to unscrew the fixings if you ever really need to but is probably not worth the effort. When we have alcohol stored there are larger “Alcohol” padlocks which can be used. This further restricts the number of people who can access the servery.


Stuff that goes onstage.

See Set

Set Manager

see Committee: Set Manager

Sewing Machine

There are two broken sewing machines in Bedlam (one black Singer, one light green...something). They are good for set but not for actual sewing although if anyone would like to try and fix them I am well up for that. There is one working sewing bought by Colleen Patterson during her stint as wardrobe manager 06/07, which is a JL100, very easy to use but shouldn't be used by anyone who isn't the wardrobe manager or someone trusted by the wardrobe manager.

Show Switch

This really useful device can be found in the tech box, it is used for when a show is on. Turning it on causes a red LED above the side auditorium door to turn on which says show in progress and it silences the intercom in the tech box. Instead the intercom causes green LEDs to light up along the front of the tech box.


Back in the old days before they put up bollards on the fire exit we used to hire skips for when we did a big clear out. It is still possible but more hassle now. It’s best to shop around to find the best deal and remember that you have to bear in mind not just hiring a skip but the times and volumes involved.

Small hire charge

Applies to anywhere and anyone (especially our Fringe rivals!) who want to “borrow” tables, people, things, a brush, flyer space, toilet rolls, costumes, etc.


It's illegal to do so in the building, even the box office or on stage. Blame the Scottish Executive.


There are soap dispensers in the toilets and café, there could do with being soap dispensers in the kitchen and paint cupboard. They are refilled by opening them with the L-shaped key, then remove the clear bottle. The bottle can then be refilled with liquid soap from a larger container. To reinsert the bottle you can either try and show off, just plunging it in or you can remove the holder by holding down the white tab and pulling it out. The bottle can then be reinserted and turned upside down without making a mess. To finish slam the soap dispenser closed.

Sound System

see Sound


Sexy Power Tool eg powered screwdriver/drill


See Stage

Stage Monitor

This is a microphone which picks up what’s happening on stage and then feeds it to the tech box and dressing room. It is powered by an AA battery in a little black box at the stage left end of the tech box. The On/Off control is also built into this box. The feed in the tech box can be turned off at the white box at the stage right end of the tech box, which switches between Monitor and PFL. The microphone is situated at the back of the auditorium so you can hear what the directors say to their friends straight after the show comes down.

Stage Weight

These are big lumps of metal that you use to hold flats (See Flats) in place. They are placed on the end of stage braces (See Braces, Stage) so they don’t move and you can also secure the bases of flats with them to stop people kicking them.


Two types, the first is for sending letters and if you can’t use these you’ve got a problem, especially as now you don’t even have to lick them. The other is the EUSA stamp which all posters in EUSA buildings must have on or they’ll just get ripped down. We have a computer version of the EUSA stamp to put on posters- ask publicity manager.



Most mainterms do T-Shirts of some kind, make sure if you want one that you get one for any shows, you can justify it if they ask what you’ve done for the show by telling them you’re letting it happen.


See Technical

Tech, Granddaddy

see Grandad Tech

Tech Manager

See Tech manager


The company that we get out phone from.

Tequila Club

See Tequila Club

Test, PAT (Portable Appliance Test)

This is the test that the University administers to anything with a plug. Technically everything should be tested but we have some things that cease to exist (quantum effect) when the PAT test man comes around. It needs done yearly although cable should be done every six months.

Teviot Key

We keep a key in Teviot to stop committee members getting phone calls at random times by people needing into the building. The key is attached to a bit of wood because the first person to sign it out returned their house keys and didn’t think to go in and swap before I got phone calls from people who thought the key was broken. Even worse is that this was a committee member (Generally referred to as the weakest link) who had their own side door key anyway.

Theatre Manager

Knows everything. No no, EVERYTHING.

See Theatre Manager

Toilet Paper

Normally used for wiping your arse. There are people who try and use this stuff for sets even going so far as to tell you that they’ve sprayed it with flamcheck so what’s the problem? When it’s actually being used for it’s main purpose it needs to be put in the dispensers because otherwise more goes on the floor than in the toilet. Make sure that every time there is a show they get completely refilled and you should be fine. You’ll find that when it runs out people use green towels to wipe their bums rather than going and refilling the dispensers.


See Tools

Trade Waste

The people responsible for Claymore (See Bins) they empty it once a week. You can call them on 0131 469 5655 if you need extra uplifts or to find out what’s happening if you find it’s not been emptied or emptied on the wrong day. You’ll normally get an answer phone not a real person but they normally call back in about an hour.

Trap Doors

There are two in the stage they go down into the crypt, other than that there are several on the balcony, one in each toilet, two in the main office and one in the costume cupboard. The ones on the balcony open to let you at hidey holes The ones in the office let you under the floor. The one in the gents lets you under the floor and you can technically climb through to the crypt, although slimmer Theatre Managers than I have got stuck half way. The trap door in the ladies goes into a little room under the floor. The trap door in the costume cupboard leads down to the stage left exit, there are normally things ontop of this trap door so it is of limited use.



Technically the reason you’re here.

University Furniture

The University owns lots of nice antique furniture but you have to ask before you can borrow it. The person to ask is….


Videoing Shows

Technically this is kind of illegal because it infringes on copyright but often there is a "Copy for our archives" get out clause in the rights. There are two main ways of doing this, either sitting in the audience or doing it from the balcony. Be aware that you still have to obey the fire regulations so is they’re using a tripod it really needs to be at the end of the back row and since it will interfere with more than one seat there will need to be more tickets taken out of the computer. The projection hole is also useful for placing cameras into especially as from here they’re often close enough to plug the Stage Monitor into.

Venue Hire Manager

see Committee : Venue Hire Manager


Wardrobe Manager

see Committee: Wardrobe Manager

Water Supply

We have two tanks, one large one for the toilets and café which is situated on the balcony under the wood store, the other is located high on the stage left balcony which feeds the heating system. The heating system one gurgles when it turns on or off. We are metered so make sure people turn off taps and stuff.


These are metal disks which you can use to stop bits rubbing or give a larger surface area when fixing. These are vital on lantern hook clamps along with a Spring Washer. See Spring washer.


see Non-Committee Positions: Webmaster

Web Site

Our best advertising because it is available on a sensible address (www.bedlamtheatre.co.uk) and anyone can check it.

White lines

All steps should have while lines on them, this is especially true of ones which are painted black. The important ones are the FoH ones on which the white lines should be at least on inch wide. Painting white lines is harder than you thing because you need to mask them well but the steps that you’re putting them onto will probably not be dry yet and the paint will come off when you remove the tape. The way to get around this is to wait a couple of days with the tape on and then dissolve it with water, leaving immaculate white lines. You will also find that no matter how many wet paint signs you put up someone will walk up the steps and spoil your lines. This is generally done at Fringe time but could well need done at other points.

White Paint

You should keep a supply of this just cos it’s useful and lunchtimes will want it. It’s slightly cheaper that black but not by much. It can be bought from Ian Russell (See Ian Russell) or the Paint Shed (See Paint Shed) in 5L tubs. Buy Matt paint for general use and a smaller tin of Gloss for the painting of some woodwork around the building and the white lines (see above). Do not use Gloss on stage it's nasty to light and almost impossible to paint over.


Get them cleaned when you can, I try and get it done at work ins. If they get broken report it to Estates and buildings who have to repair them as part of the buildings agreement (See Buildings Agreement). You’ll find that quite often the little panes of glass get broken on Friday/Saturday nights. Try and get this reported as soon as possible. The windows on both sides were replaced in late 2006 by the works department.

Wing Nuts/Bolts

See Nuts, See Bolts just these ones are designed to be done up by hand.


Wood comes in lots of types and sizes (See Chipboard, See MDF, See Wood, Laminated). We shouldn’t store any on the balconies because it’s a fire hazard but we do. There is a wood store at the back behind the tech box which was built and altered at the request of the Fire Officer. For wood to be used onstage it should be painted on all sides. You need to do it right in the Fringe because the fire officer might well check. This includes visiting companies sets.

Works Department

The arm of the University that does all the maintenance work, they’re pretty slow but they do come out and do stuff. If something needs done quickly tell them and they can put it through as a priority job (Like doors needing replaced). Be nice and polite even if their workmen turn up twenty minutes before a lunchtime to fix the toilets. There is a long term belief within the works department that we either don't exist or will stop existing soon. This makes it hard to persuade them to spend time and money on the building. Things have improved in 2006 due to a new manager being appointed.


X-ray machine

nope, Bedlam doesn't have one of those



Possibly the most dangerous word there is (See No) especially if you’re saying it…then only problem is that you probably started this job with yes. Now think about all the trouble it’s caused you and don’t do it again.

Youth Project

See Youth project


Zippo Lighters

Dangerous nasty things these, they’re not allowed onstage because they don’t go out if you drop them which is bad (Although not as bad as when a pissed committee member drops a lit one into your lap at Teviot).