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Bedlam Theatre Library

The following books are available at the Bedlam Theatre Library (in the Box Office cupboard). Contact the librarian for questions on

Book List


Lysistrata & Other Plays (The Archanians and the Clouds)

Austen, J. , Millar, M. , Mackichan, D.

Emma (Adapted for Stage)

Barton, L.

Historic Costume for the Stage


Edinburgh's Bedlam Theatre

Bloom, M.

Thinking Like a Director

Carter, P.

Backstage Handbook


Plays (Ivanov, The Seagull, Uncle Vania, Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard, The Bear, The Proposal & A Jubilee)

Cohen, L.

Monologues for Young Actors

Dunmore, S.

Alternative Shakespeare Auditions for Men

Elam, K.

The Semiotics of Theatre and Drama

Farber, D. C.

Producing Theatre

Hoggett, C., Black, A. & Black, C.

Stage Crafts

Hoyle, C.

Bedlam Archive 06/07

Ionazzi, D. A.

The Stage Crafts Handbook

Johnstone, K.


Krieger, E.

A Marxist Study of Shakespeare's Comedies

Leeming, J.

The Costume Book for Parties & Plays

Mitchell, G. E.

Sanitation, Drainage & Water Supply

Murray, M.

Fundraising for Dummies

Nicoll, A.

World Drama: From Aeschyllus to Anouilh

Perottet, P.

Practical Stage Make-Up

Reid, F.

The Stage Lighting Handbook

Rendle, A.

So You Want to be an Actor?

Rothenberg, P.

Creative Stained Glass

Samuel French, Inc.

1988 Basic Catalogue of Plays

Shakespeare, W.

Complete Works

Shaw, G. B.

Heartbreak House

Shaw, G. B.

Man and Superman

Shaw, G. B

Misalliance & The Fascinating Foundling

Shaw, G. B.

Plays Extravagant

Shaw, G. B

Plays Political

Shaw, G. B

The Doctor's Dilemma

Shaw, G. B.

Three Plays for Puritans

Stanislavski, C.

An Actor Prepares

Stravonsky, S.

The Art of Make-Up

White, A. V.

Making Stage Costumes for Amateurs

Wilde, O.

Complete Works.