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Technical Theatre

Without them the stage would be very dark indeed, and the Actors would probably end up walking into a wall. Or each other. Have a tendency to get pissed off with everyone and everything. They dress in black. And live in the Tech Box.

Many are known to have a god complex, don't worry it is normal

Technical Theatre is, put simply, everything that goes on in the theatre that involves an electrical current, moving parts, danger, blood, guts, or death. Be it lighting the actors, giving them music to dance to, pyrotechnics to avoid, or smoke to hide behind, tech. is vital to the success of a show.

Tech. can be confusing at first, and - let's face it - all the way through. Here, we aim to show a clear path through - from rigging to running and everything in between, behind and all around.

As usual, any editing/additions/etc much appreciated - let's make this thing useful!

Guide to Teching a Show

List of Technical Equipment





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