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In order to assist the running of the Venue there are a couple of Non-Committee positions. As of the 2010 AGM, this team became known as the sub-committee, it consists of the Archivist, the Librarian and the Youth Project Co-Ordinator.


The Archivist, is resposible for maintaining records off all EUTC productions. S/he is responsible for collecting all the P&P of each show, taking pictures of builds/dress runs/after-show drunken bashes, etc. This is really helpful to stage managers in later years who may be looking to do something similar to what has gone before as well as giving us stuff to look back on and to show impressionable young freshers of all the amazing things that get built in Bedlam. Up until the 2010 AGM, archivist was a committee position.

see also Archive

2012-2013 Ian Culleton

2011-2012 Athina Kefalopoulos

2010-2011 Sally Gascoigne

2009-2010 Becka O'Sullivan

2008-2009 Rebecca White

2007-2008 Richard Dennis

2006-2007 Cat Hoyle

2005-2006 Graeme Wright

2004-2005 Adam Millard

2003-2004 Lucy Kirkwood


The Bedlam Librarian is responsible for maintaining the Bedlam Library, and allowing company members to borrow books. See Library for more details

2012-2013 Charlotte Hodge

2011-2012 Callum O'Dwyer

2010-2011 Alex "Fernie" Fernandes

2009-2010 Neville Billimoria

2007-2009 Felix Trench

Youth Project Co-Ordinator

Youth Project or Bedlam Theatre Youth Project is EUTC's community outreach project as stipulated in the constitution. The youth project holds voluntary free workshops for young people of school age on a range of theatre based subjects. Since 2006 there have been changes in legislation that have caused problems with holding workshops with young people in the building. However, the 2008 team found a way around this and held workshops in schools.

see also Youth project

2012-2013 Bonnie C. Aspinwall

2011-2012 Ellen Gledhill

2010-2011 Susanna Grenga

2009-2010 Neville Billimoria

2008-2009 Helena Larkin

Bedlam Youth Project Website