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eXtensible Ticketing System

This page is a stub. I intend to document as much of the ticketing system as possible but keep forgetting things that I want to write about. Until it's completed, here's a list of sections that I intend to write under. This article is currently aimed at people who want to maintain the source code, NOT people who want to learn how to sell tickets.

  • History / Motivation
  • Things you should know before you start
    • Terminology
    • Principles
      • High-Level Scripting
      • Extensibility
      • Readability
      • Simplicity (Minimum Complexity in the Layers that Matter)
  • Parts of the system
    • Database
      • Scheduled Database Backup
    • Ticket Server
      • API
      • Security
    • Print Server
    • Client Interface
      • Ami
      • Snewts
      • Prism
    • Reporting
      • XSLT
    • HTTPProxy
    • Startup - Windows Services
      • JSWrapper
  • Making Improvements - A HOWTO
    • Known Issues
    • Familiarisation
    • Safe and Unsafe
    • Versioning