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The EUTC is administered by a permanent Committee of 14 members. They are; the President, Secretary and the Business, Theatre, Set, Technical, Productions, Marketing, Front of House, Wardrobe, Entertainments, Venue Hire and Fringe Venue Manager as well as the Archivist. It is the role of the Committee to administer the EUTC and to ensure the smooth running of the theatre. The Committee are elected at the AGM (usually at the end of February) to serve the period April 1- March 31st.

See also: Non-Committee Positions


It is the role of the President to chair meetings and to oversee the work of the committee and the general management of the Company. The President should remain impartial and always act in the best long term interest of the EUTC. The President is the Licensee and is also required to keep the Company Office tidy

2008-2009 Lauren McLeod

2007-2008 Lucy Jackson

2006-2007 James Mutton

2005-2006 Miriam Raines

2004-2005 Matt Gray

2003-2004 Rebekah Stackhouse

2002-2003 Natalie Adzic

Business Manager

It is the role of the Business Manager to maintain the accounts and to facilitate communication between the EUTC and EUSAs Accounts department. The Business Manager is a cheques signatory. The oversee all spending and ensure that shows don't go over budget.

2008-2009 Colleen Patterson

2007-2008 Lara-Ann de Wet

2006-2007 Fran Rooney

2005-2006 James Mutton

2004-2005 Victoria Tills

2003-2004 Rachel Mountfield


The Secretary is responsible for all of the administrative leg-work of the EUTC. They keep minutes of all meetings and makes rehearsal schedules.

2008-2009 Amy Brewer

2007-2008 Fran Walker

2006-2007 Helena Larkin

2005-2006 Becky Hill (until Dec. 2005) Emma Drage (from Dec. 2005)

2004-2005 Emma Drage

2003-2004 Alex Howard

Theatre Manager

The Theatre Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the theatre, They ensure that all sets are safe. The ensure that the theatre is safe and that there are no obvious fire/ health and safety problems. They also maintain the building, doing small amounts of repair work. They also facilitate communication with the works department over the more serious repair works. The Theatre Manager maintains a TM Handbook which keeps up-to-date info about the building. The Theatre Manager is named on the License as the 'Responsible Manager' as such legally, the buck stops with them. see also Theatre Manager- Job Description

2008-2009 Cat Hobart

2007-2008 Kerry O'Herlihy

2006-2007 Dave Larking

2005-2006 Alex Engel

2004-2005 Tom Latter

2003-2004 Kati Hind

2002-2003 Jay Adriaanse

Set Manager

The position of Set Manager was created at the end of 2007 to relieve some pressure from the Theatre Manager. The Set Manager is responsible for all communications with show stage managers, responsible for all set (on the balconies) and tidiness and resources of the workshop. The Set Manager is directly responsible to the Theatre Manager

2008-2009 Alex 'Mal' Mead

Technical Manager

The technical manager manages anything with a plug! They ensure that techies keep work safely and offers guidance on lighting and sound.

They should know how to use all the equipment in the building and seem to spend all their time changing bulbs… Their two main jobs through the year are tech directing the fresher’s play and getting everything PAT tested.

The Tech Manager also ensures that all the lanterns and technical equipment work.

2008-2009 Ewan Connor

2007-2008 Neale Dutton

2006-2007 Xander Macmillan

2005-2006 Ruth Wilkinson

2004-2005 Heather Hanshaw

2003-2004 Lord James "Evil" Turner-Inman

2002-2003 Mr Matt Grey

2001-2002 David Watson

2000-2001 Graeme Timms

1999-2000 Neil E Hobbs

Productions Manager

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The Productions Manager facilitates communication between individual shows and the company as a whole. They decide on which slots are available and chair the meeting which decided which slot each show gets. Additionally, the Productions Manager chairs the casting meeting and oversees auditions

They talk regularly with all the shows and should know exactly what’s happening in all shows. They communicate between shows and committee so that all shows should know what’s the committee is saying about them and take measures to stop us kicking their butts. They distribute Production Guidelines so that people have no excuse when they do stupid things.

2008-2009 Ben Davies

2007-2008 Fred Gordon

2006-2007 Ishbel MacFarlane

2005-2006 Alex Robertson

2004-2005 Timothy Goodwin

2003-2004 Miriam Raines

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager oversees all publicated material and all external public communication, to ensure that the EUTC is always shown in the best-light possible. They proof all posters, programmes and fliers to enusre they are accurate and that they do not damage the EUTC or Bedlams Public image.

2008-2009 Alia Ainuddin

2007-2008 Nick Kay

2006-2007 Lily Kember

2005-2006 Chris Mounsey

2004-2005 Claire Glendenning

2003-2004 Idil Sukan

Front of House Manager

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The Front of House Manager makes sure that the Front of House area is tidy and looks good for arriving customers. They are in charge of staffing and ensure that every shows has the required number of staff. The make sure that the cafe has stock to sell. They ensure that the Committee know how to Committee Rep (v. important)

This person looks after the FoH areas including kitchen, they make sure the café and cleaning cupboard are kept stocked and that things get cleaned. They also arrange staffing but since producers are notoriously unable to make staff turn up (And their excuse is that they got them to sign up so them not turning up is not their problem). They tend to do their own maintenance if you prod them so that you don’t have to.

2008-2009 Chris Payne

2007-2008 Lauren McLeod

2006-2007 Hannah Myers

2005-2006 Heather Hanshaw

2004-2005 Lord James "Evil" Turner-Inman

2003-2004 Matt Grey

Wardrobe Manager

The Wardrobe Manager has the glorious task of keeping the dressing room and costume cupboard clean and tidy. They also get to costume every show, with no notice and no budget. They often get locked in, as noone is ever aware that they are in the building.

2008-2009 Camille Acosta

2007-2008 Denise Wood

2006-2007 Colleen Patterson

2005-2006 Michael Whitham

2004-2005 Emma Allford (to Sept 2005) Michael Whitham (from September 2005)

2003-2004 Victoria Tills

Entertainments Manager

The Entertainments Managers ultimate job is to organise the Bedlam Ball at the end of semester 2. In order to subsidise this they organise a number of events and parties throughout the year, which contribute to the funding.

2008-2009 Sam Hansford

2007-2008 George Thomas

2006-2007 Tom Paul

2005-2006 Kerri Hall

2004-2005 James Mutton

2003-2004 Natalie Raeched

Venue Hire Manager

The Venue Hire manager facilitates communication between outside companies who wish to hire the venue throughout term time and the company. They organise contracts, dates and staffing for outside hires. They are also on hand to offer support to outside companies.

2008-2009 Fran Walker

2007-2008 Michael Whitham

2006-2007 Michael Whitham

2005-2006 Kati Hind

2004-2005 Idil Sukan

2003-2004 Jay Addriannse

Fringe Venue Manager

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The Fringe Venue Manager, is the only non- elected post. They are hired by the a panel comprising the Former Fringe Venue Manager, the President a EUSA accounts representative and the EUSA VP- Services. Their term is usually January - January. They are responsible for hiring the Fringe Managers. They are also responsible for programming and communicating with the outside companies. They assume operational control of the EUTC for the period June - August for the year they are hired and oversee the EUTC presence at the Fringe. They are usually paid a small sum of money as compensation for the blood, sweat, tears and general loss of mental health. There are occasionally parties to attend.

This is the person responsible for running the building during the fringe. It is normally a job taken by people who have experience of producing and little experience of production. They advertise the building in the run up to the Fringe, chose the shows, appoint the staff and are technically in charge for the fringe. Remember that if your name is on the License when the shit hits the fan you make the decisions and can kick Fringe butt.

2009 Sam Hansford

2008 Colleen Patterson

2007 Matt Wieteska

2006 Charlotte Jarvis

2005 Claire Glendenning

2004 Miriam Raines

2003 Cat Smith

2002 Graeme Timms

2001 Morven Pack

2000 Chloe Darlington


The Archivist, is resposible for maintaining records off all EUTC productions. S/he is responsible for collecting all the P&P of each show, taking pictures of builds/dress runs/after-show drunken bashes, etc. This is really helpful to stage managers in later years who may be looking to do something similar to what has gone before as well as giving us stuff to look back on and to show impressionable young freshers of all the amazing things that get built in Bedlam.

see also Archive

2008-2009 Rebecca White

2007-2008 Richard Dennis

2006-2007 Cat Hoyle

2005-2006 Graeme Wright

2004-2005 Adam Millard

2003-2004 Lucy Kirkwood