Staffing Guidelines

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Important notes

In event of a fire NEVER try to tackle the fire if it will endanger you or anyone else. DO NOT re-enter the building until it is safe. You must tell the Theatre Manager if there is a fire, no matter how small.

Committee Rep

Start of shift • Get the float out of the grey cash box on top of the safe in the Box Office cupboard. • Count it into the Box Office and Café tills. • Make sure you do this only when there is Café and Box Office staff so the money isn't left unattended.

End of shift - Cash up

Box Office

• In Newts - Reporting - Raw Transaction Report - Put in correct dates/times - Save it somewhere you can find it again - Go and open the file you saved, it will open as an excel file - Widen the necessary columns until everything is readable - Print it out, making sure you print to the Samsung and in Landscape format. - Delete the file you saved as it is not needed.

• Cash up sheet - On computer desktop - Cash up template - Fill this in (on the computer, it will automatically add stuff up for you), fairly self explanatory! - Print to the Samsung - DO NOT save the changes - Get relevant people to sign it

• Money bags - separate the money into enough money bags so that they fit in the hole in the top of the safe. - Include a bit of paper with the show name/date/bag 1 of 1 etc/total amount in all bags.

• Put the Report and Cash up sheet in the grey box on top of the safe. • Put the money bags in the safe. • If you have been asked to keep a float out put the float in the grey box and put a note in the other bags that they are minus x amount for float.

In Event of fire

• Make sure the Box Office has called the Fire Brigade • If there is a disabled person in the building please be aware of how you will evacuate them in an emergency and be responsible for their safety. • Call the Theatre Manager and the President to let them know what is going on. • Proceed to the evacuation point and assist the other members of staff.

Duty Manager

Start of shift • Get the Duty Manager keys from the grey fire box by the side door. • Open and lock back the outer doors for the auditorium fire exit. • Unlock the backstage fire exit • Unlock the front doors • Make sure that you have enough staff and everyone is doing their jobs.

Opening the building • You should be aiming to open the building 45 mins before the show begins. If you are ready to go and your staff are happy feel free to open earlier. • Make sure all your staff are in position and ready to open. • Warn the cast and crew that the front doors are opening. • Open the front doors and lock them back

Starting the show • You should be giving calls to the cast and crew at 30, 15, 10 and 5 mins before the doors are due to open. • Before opening the auditorium doors make sure the cast and crew are ready. • Open the doors to the auditorium and make sure everyone has a seat. There must be NOBODY sitting/standing anywhere but in a seat. • When everyone is seated give the tech box clearance by calling up from the café of box office. If the intercom is not working go up to the tech box and give clearance.

During the show • Count the ticket stubs and put them into a money bag. Include a bit of paper with details of show name, date, ticket numbers and prices. Put the total number of tickets on it and pin the bag on the notice board in the box office. In event of a fire this will tell you how many people are in the auditorium.

Ending the show • If people are being slow leaving the auditorium ask them politely to leave so we can get ready for the next show/close the building. • When the auditorium is empty of audience members, yell clearance to everyone.

Closing the building • Make sure all audience members have left, check the toilets etc. • Close the front doors. Do not lock them until the building is completely empty. • Close the outer doors of the auditorium fire exit. Do not lock them until the building is completely empty. • Help your committee member to cash up. • Make sure your staff have finished their jobs. • You are now free to leave.

In Event of a Fire • Notify the tech box and staff that you intend to stop the performance • Enter the auditorium and announce in a clear and calm voice something along the lines of ‘Ladies and Gentleman, due to a technical difficulty we are interrupting this performance. Please make your way out of the exits as indicated by my staff and assemble outside the building’. • Choose which exits are to be used, this will depend on the situation. These exits are back stage, stage left and through the main doors. • Make sure the doors to the auditorium are open. • Remain in the auditorium until everyone has been evacuated. Check the rest of the building if it is safe to do so. • If there is a fire blocking any of the escape routes, position a member of staff to prevent members of the public endangering themselves. • You should always be aware of how many members of the public are in the auditorium by checking the number of ticket stubs. • Once everyone is assembled outside do a headcount of members of the public and staff members. The Stage Manager and Tech Manager should be counting cast and crew. Check that they have everyone. • Report to the fire brigade giving them as much information as you can and tell them if you think anyone is left in the building.

Box Office

• Have a tidy of the box office area, mop if needed, sweep, and generally make it tidy. • Write something relevant on the chalk wedge i.e. show name and prices. • Turn on the computer • Print a test ticket (found on the desk top) to make sure the printer is working. o Open Newts (the ticketing system) Newts is fairly self explanatory, if you have any problems ask your committee rep. o If the printer runs out of tickets, ask your committee rep to get you more. • Sell tickets to customers. If you have any problems get the duty manager or committee rep to help. • In event tramps or emergency there is a red panic button under the desk. This flashes a light in the tech box and main office, help will come if available. Only use this in real emergencies.

In Event of a Fire • Dial 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade • Tell them the nature of the fire if possible • Tell them our address – 11b Bristo Place • Hook back the toilet corridor and café doors • Check the toilets for any members of the public and direct people out the building through the toilet corridor. • Assemble outside the building and report to the Duty Manager


• Put the grills on the landing on the stairs opposite the box office. • Turn all the lights, water heaters, chillers etc. on. • Sweep the café floor and behind the servery, then set out the tables and stools. • Set out the chocolate bars, sweets and crisps (restocking if necessary). • Restock the chiller with cans if necessary. • Put the coffee machine on. • Check there is milk (and it hasn’t gone off). If there isn’t any, go and buy some with money from the till, making sure the receipt is put in the till afterwards. • Write the prices on the blackboard.

Once the building is open: • Make sure everything goes through the till in the right category. • Press the price (in pence) then the category – sweets/snacks, cold drinks etc. Once all the items have been rung through press Subtotal. Then enter the amount they have given you and press cash. The amount of change you need to give them will show on the display. • Do the washing up and clean the tables.

To Cash up: • Turn the key to X1/Z1 then 9 then Cash. This produces a big receipt and has the z-reading on it. • Count the money and fill out a cash up sheet. Remember to deduct all expenses (milk etc) and include the receipt in the money bag. • Enter the z-reading onto the cash-up sheet and calculate the discrepancy between what you have and what you should have. • Sign the sheet and put the money into money bags along with a piece of paper saying café takings, the total amount, the date, the show and how many bags of money there are.

To close up: • Empty the bins. • Put the chocolate and sweets away. • Turn everything off. • Make sure all the surfaces are clean then stack the tables away.

In Event of a Fire

• Turn off all the equipment in the café. Leave the lights on. • Direct members of the public through the café and out of the main doors. • Once the café is empty assemble outside the building and report to the Duty Manager.

Indoor Halkeeper

Start of shift • Tidy the auditorium. • Pick up rubbish, check under the seats and everywhere • Hoover the whole auditorium

When the building is open • Sit on the stool in the toilet corridor and make sure only authorised people go in the auditorium

When the show is ready to begin • Open the doors when told by the Duty Manager • Take tickets from the audience members, be sure to check the time and date on the tickets. • Give the ticket stubs to the Duty Manager when everyone is in. • Before the show begins make an announcement welcoming people to the theatre and requesting they turn off mobile phones. (Check with the Duty Manager if there need to be an announcement about strobes/loud noises etc)

During the show • You may think you are now here to watch the show. No. You are here to look for fires, people disturbing the show, sitting in on the steps etc. I mean, watch the show, but be aware of the audience as well. • You must be seated in the indoor hallkeeper seat, even if there is space in the auditorium, we need to be able to find you in an emergency. • If there is a problem you can't deal with i.e. crazy drunk singing/dancing/refusing to leave. Go and find the Duty manager to get help.

After the show • Help the duty manager to encourage people to leave. • Tidy up the mess people have probably left behind. • Sit in the toilet corridor and guard the door again until the building is closed.

In Event of a Fire

• Open the auditorium fire exit and direct people outside unless the Duty Manager directs you otherwise. • Once everyone is evacuated assemble outside the building and report to the Duty Manager.

Outdoor Hallkeeper

Start of shift • Sweep and Mop the toilets and toilet corridor • Re-stock the toilet roll, hand towels and hand soap in the toilets

When the building is open • Sit by the auditorium entrance in the café and make sure only authorised people go in the auditorium

When the show is ready to begin • Open the doors when told by the Duty Manager • Take tickets from the audience members, be sure to check the time and date on the tickets. • Give the ticket stubs to the Duty Manager when everyone is in.

During the show • Stay in the café and guard the entrance to the auditorium from people going in. • Try and keep the noise level down in the café. The soundproofing is better than is was but still not perfect.

After the show • Open the auditorium doors and let the audience out. • Guard the door until the building is closed.

In Event of a Fire

• Open the door from the café to the auditorium, and the disabled access corridor door. • Stay in the auditorium and direct people out into the café. • Once everyone is evacuated assemble outside the building and report to the Duty Manager.