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Regular Events

  • Company Meetings - Mondays @ 6.30pm

A meeting of anyone involved in the company. Shows should all be represented and most of the committee will be present. The best first contact point and best way to keep in touch, ask or offer help.

  • Creative Company Meetings - Mondays @ 7.30pm

A meeting designed to allow people to discuss, offer ideas or criticial peer review of bedlam shows past present and future. This is the best place to bring your idea for live fire hamster dancing or generally offer input to the artistic direction of the company.

  • Committee Meetings - Thursdays @ 6.30pm

A meeting of the committee. General housekeeping and dicussions/arguements about how the company is run. The best place to bring complaints or to discuss things before bringing them to the company on Mondays.

  • Improvisation Workshop - Saturdays @ noon
  • Kid's Project - Sundays @ ?

Every Sunday morning during termtime, Bedlam plays host to local school children and develops their drama skills. If you want to help teach and play games, then contact Cat Hoyle at:

  • Tech & Theatre Maintenance - Sundays @ 12-2pm

maintenance sessions are every Sunday from 12 till 2 because no one wants to reherse during this time. It is difficult to persuade people to get up for this time on a Sunday, bribing people with breakfast occasionaly happens. The maintenance session usualy involves fixing small things and doing a general tidy.

Non-regular Events