Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet
Writer William Shakespeare
Director Ishbel McFarlane
Producer Thomas Raines
Stage Manager Mary Cochran
Technical Manager Rachael Smith
Costumes Michael Whitham
Susie Nathanson
Colleen Patterson
Cast Shaunie Brett - Juliet
Andy Field - Romeo

The 2006 EUTC production of Shakespeare's most famous love story will be performed in Greyfriars Kirk from the 28th of February until the 4th of March.

With a cast and crew of over 50 people, this is the biggest show the EUTC will have put on in years. The ambition of the project has led not only to branching out from Bedlam and staging it in one of the most beautiful and historically significant churches in the city, but it has also incorporated the talents of other university societies and even theatre professionals.

A year in the planning, rehearsals are coming together beautifully with cast and crew getting behind the project with passion and thoughtfulness.

If you would like to get involved email, or come along and buy from/bake for/staff our weekly cake sale on Mondays from 10.30am until after 3pm outside the george square library. Come to the fundraiser, the Capulet Ball in the caves, on Cowgate 17th of February. You can buy tickets outside the library 1pm until 2pm any weekday. Go and see our wonderful website which you can get to from the EUTC one or the Bedlam one or directly at

Finally, come and see the show. Tickets are available from Bedlam, Ripping Records or through the website.

Online Booking

Romeo and Juliet is the first EUTC production to offer online ticket bookings via the EUTC website. Payments are powered by PayPal. It is hoped that if this pilot is a success, online ticket booking will be extended to other EUTC productions.


A review by Thelma Good can be found on the website at the following address