The Game

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The game is.....

When ever you remember you are playing the game, you lose the game.

When you remember you are playing the game you must tell anybody nearby that you have lost by saying the phrase "I just lost the game", which makes them remember and thus lose. If there are any innocent bystanders, oblivious as to what you said, then you must explain the game to them. When you get enough people playing it, e.g. quite a lot of people round the one table in a pub, when someone remembers and announces "I just lost the game" you will hear a large groan as loads of other people then lose the game.

To begin with everyone thinks the game is stupid, but after a few months you will truly appreciate the simplistic beauty of it.

In the end you will get to a point that whenever you hear the word "game" you will in fact lose the game.

Sorry to have ruined your life