Sound Hire

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We usually hire sound kit from:

  • DM Audio - lots of lovely d&b speakers, Dino is the MD and Scott is the hire manager and they're both helpful.

  • "Neale & Dave Audio" - Neale Dutton and Dave Moffat have a lot of audio kit, and they will probably hire you what you want and discount it heavily to fit your budget
    • Tel: 0777 341 976 / 0796 937 5889
    • Email:

  • Blacklight [-Note: we have only hired lighting from them since... a long time ago]

DM and Blacklight need freelance techs, so offer to pack the kit yourself at the warehouse and be the one who drives the van to drop it off and get paid to get the kit you need.

NB If you do wish to hire something for your show you need the permission of the tech manager. Blacklight / DM Audio /Neale & Dave will not deliver without an OK from the tech manager.

However, there are other suppliers in the Edinburgh area who are reputable and remembering that all major purchases of sound kit since 2002 have gone through DM Audio....!: