Improverts Fringe 2006

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This is a beta page for the management of Improverts Technical for Fringe 2006. Obviously, I'll be watching this page like a HAWK, a HAWK I tell you, for rogue edits and I'll be laying the smackdown on anybody who tries any sabotage. Meanwhile if you have constructive edits, this IS a wiki. Get to it.

--Xander 15:05, 24 June 2006 (GMT)

The Team

If you want to join the team, I suggest you email me at rather than editing this list directly - you won't end up on the email list I keep in a secret place on my secret webserver and thus will probably miss out on some important announcements in the future.

Imps Team 2006
Name Preference Core Team? Availability Notes
Chris Stephen Sound Can be around for one week of the fringe (probably last week)
Colleen Patterson Lights PEND Available from 23rd July
Felix Trench Fill-in Around towards the end of the Fringe for monkeying
Heather Hanshaw Lights PEND
Marcus Roche Sound PEND
Nicola Cross Bootstrap PEND
Rachael Monteith Lights PEND
Richard Bell Sound PEND
Tommy Galliano Bootstrap PEND Available from 1st August