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Back in the good old days Bedlam was heated with water piped from 2 Forest Road, the Theatre Manager booked what days they wanted heating with the Works Department and then water was pumped around the building. This was pretty crap, didn’t heat the building much and cost loads.

Then just before the Uni sold 2 Forest Road in 1991 they contacted the then Theatre Manager Al Broom telling him to remove everything from the paint cupboard for a new heating boiler to be installed. Unsurprisingly he was slightly confused and upon investigation he found that they planned to knock a hole in the wall to the Office, install a boiler into the paint cupboard and block up the existing door (Because it opened into an exit route). Upon discussion it was found that the Uni had no intention of building a new fire proof paint cupboard further discussion was entered into. In the end a compromise was reached and the boiler was installed into the office toilet, since a sink was being lost a new sink in the paint cupboard was requested. Al was pleasantly surprised when the Works department agreed.

The Heating system is gas powered, taking it’s supply from the Gas main in the Fringe Cupboard. The system uses an electric supply for the timer and the pump. The electricity supply comes from one of the breakers in the side entrance and then through the switch furthest to the right on the wall beside the timer. This supply should always be on. The top up water supply is located on the stage right balcony and makes funny noises when it is turned on or off which scares actors. Beside the door to the paint cupboard is a heat sensor which can turn the system on if it gets below 0oC and stops the pipes freezing. On the front of the boiler is a thermostatic control so that you can turn the heat up during the winter, during the summer it may even be possible to turn the heating off.

The hot water comes out of the office, through the side exit to the kitchen. From there it goes through the wall to the stage to the dressing room and then down to the crypt where it then enters the pipes for the old heating system. Once in the old system it goes to the radiators in the dressing room, radiators in the auditorium, through the toilets, the radiator in the box office, radiators in the café, radiators in both offices and then in long pipes along both sides of the balcony then back to the office. The pipes on the balcony are designed as a radiator so double back on themselves a couple of times.

On the wall of the office are three switches, the rightmost is mentioned above. The other two are On/Off switches for the pump and boiler, they should both be switched On to allow the timer to control the heating or switched off to stop the heating coming on at all.

To program the timer: (insert content)