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Xander Macmillan

I am an old techie in the Bedlam Theatre.

I am working on and have worked on various tech and IT systems in the Bedlam Theatre at one time or another. As such if you have a query with regards to any of the below you should get in touch with me. This is especially true if you are planning to perform maintenance that may be better informed with some background knowledge about a projects' history.


Ex-projects and responsibilities

  • Purchasing the Soundcraft GB4
  • Fixing Zero88 Betapacks on the cheap
  • The Bedlam Fringe website (content is currently being managed by the Fringe 08 team)

Current projects and responsibilities

  • The Box Office computer
  • The ticketing system, tickets and ticket printer
  • The Bedlam and EUTC websites, domains, content and webspace.
  • Bedlam, EUTC and Bedlam Fringe email addresses

Contacting Me

Use any of the following:

  • Email/MSN:
  • GTalk:
  • Mobile: 07828 948 169