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Sound as you can guess is about making noise. Whether you want to transport your audience into the heart of a war zone and scare everyone with loud gunshots and explosions or maybe your scene requires a Victorian nightclub, sound helps set the scene and should not be overlooked. Sound is also useful disguising scurrying stage managers between scenes and when audiences are entering/exiting the auditorium


Sound in bedlam is delivered by 4 speakers, and powered by 2 amps. The two speakers at the stage end, pointing the audience are powered by the MC2 and the 2 behind the audience used to be powered by the Yamaha before it died; now they are powered by a new amp (QSC). Though it is possible to use all 4 speakers independently, the kit is usually set up that the stereo output from the desk outputs to the primary amp (MC2) running the upstage speakers and then linked in series to the secondary downstage speaker amp (QSC), so you only have to think about the left and right channels.


Powering Up and Powering Down the Sound System

Sound Stuff - Miscellaneous

Sound Desk

Sound Hire

Sound Rack