Non-Committee Positions

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In order to assist the running of the Venue there are a couple of Non-Committee positions.


Current: Unknown
Previous: Nick Bustin, David Illsley, Ted Cryer, Steve Fryatt, Neill Hobbs.

The webmaster role is unofficial and comes under the jurisdiction of the Marketing Manager. Responsibilities include:

The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the EUTC and Bedlam Theatre Websites. They also send out the weekly update. They work closely with the Marketing manager to ensure that the websites reflect Bedlam's Public image. The Webamaster is an appointed position, by the Marketing Manager, who can decide not to have one, if they desire.

Venue Liaison Secretary

The position was abolished in 2007(?)
Feb06-Present Position Vacant
2006-Feb06 Tim Goodwin[resigned]
2005-2006 Bex Stackhouse (until Summer) Tim Goodwin (after Summer)
2004-2005 Kati Hind

The VLS is an elected, non-committee position. This is to ensure that the position is unbiased and not influenced by the committee. Their role is to maintain adequate records of communication between the EUTC and EUSA regarding the maintenance of the Bedlam Theatre. See section 5.0 of the constitution.


The Bedlam Librarian is the one responsible to maintaining the Bedlam Library, and allowing company members to borrow books. See Library for more details

2007-Present Felix Trench