Lighting Hire

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We tend to hire lighting from:

  • ML Event Services - Neale Dutton, ex fringe tech and tech manager, and Dave Moffat ex. bedlamite - have a lot of lighting, sound and rigging kit and will discount heavily to fit budgets. The tech manager will need to confirm any orders with them. Also have considerable sales, so call for Gaffa, Flamcheck, and can often do a good deal on delivery, if you are flexible about when it can arrive.
    • Tel: 0796 937 5889 Or speak to their hire manager - Stuart Houston (07986018438)
    • Email:

  • Blacklight- "Scotland's lighting company" The tech manager will normally deal with them as they are the only ones who can put things on the Bedlam account. A useful source of gaffa and flamcheck and lights. They are located on West Harbour road and really helpful. They charge for delivery so make friends with someone who has a car to take you down.

Less commonly used hire companies: