Lighting Hire

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We tend to hire lighting from:

  • Blacklight- "Scotland's lighting company" The tech manager will normally deal with them as they are the only ones who can put things on the Bedlam account. A useful source of gaffa and flamcheck and lights. They are located on West Harbour road and really helpful. They charge for delivery so make friends with someone who has a car to take you down.

  • Neale & Dave Audio"' - Neale Dutton, ex fringe tech and tech manager, and Dave "dad-jokes" Moffat - have a lot of lighting, sound and rigging kit and will discount heavily to fit budgets. The tech manager will need to confirm any orders with them.
    • Tel: 0777 341 9976 / 0796 937 5889 / 0752 871 6233
    • Email:

Less commonly used hire companies:


  • SKL
Simon Kennedy Lighting
we used to use them but have since ceased trading.