Improverts Game List

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10 Second Fringe Show - Exactly what it says on the tin. The Audience supply the title.

2 Genre - A scene is played then repeated twice in the form of 2 different (audience suggested) genre

2-person commentator - Two people perform commentator (see below)

Alien Interview - Two (or more) players play an alien being interviewed on a topic of the audience's choice.

Alphabet - A two person scene where each sentence has to start with the next letter in the alphabet from the previous sentence

American Musical - The whole team put together a musical complete with songs and dance numbers in the style and with the title selected by the punters

Chain Murder - An "endowment" game, where the first player imparts an audience suggested place, occupation and murder weapon to the second player using only mime and nonsense words. The second player then kills the first and repeats to a third, who repeats to a fourth, player. After the games players must reveal what they thought they were doing, often far removed from the suggestions...

Clap Switch-a-roo Three players create a scene, they swap the characters they are playing when a fourth player claps.

Commentator - One player mimes out an activity selected by the audience whilst two or more others commentate. This game is normally a bit of a "pimpfest" as the commentators and competitor try to understand what each has in mind.

Customs Officer Endowment

Development Hell - Two players perform an improvised play in a straight fashion, the title of which is given to them by the audience. Then two more players redo the scene, this time in the fashion of an arthouse/surrealist piece. Then two further players re-redo the scene, this time in the style of a Hollywood blockbuster movie.


Da Doo Ron Ron

DVD Player

Emotional Rollercoaster The Audience contribute a list of emotions collected by the host. s/he then calls these at random into a scene created by two or more players forcing them into these emotional states.

Entrances & Exits Each player is assigned a word by the audience, when this word is used, the player has it ither enter or exit the scene.

Evening Call

Freeze - Two people perform a 2 person scene, anyone can shout freeze, the two people performing stop, the person that shouted freeze tapes one of the performers and takes there place before continuing a completely different 2 person scene.

Game Show

Half Life - The players will perform a 1 minute scene, then perform it again in 30s, repeat in 15s, 7s, 3s, and then the whole 1 minute scene in 1s

In a, with a, while... A scene based on the suggestions of being In a... with a... while a... eg in a canoe with a beaver while having afternoon tea.

It Just Gets Worse

James Bond Endowment

MacGuyver - Based on the show famed for disarming a nuclear missile with a paperclip in the pilot episode, this game sees two players solve a world shattering crises using two everyday household objects.

Mouse Thieves - "Last week mice stole Louisiana, what have they stolen this week?"


Panel of Experts

Personal Director

Pope in a Crisis A scene featuring the pope. In a crisis.


Queen in a Quandary

Regular Dubbing

Scene with a Corpse

Scene with a...


Should have said - The game that puts the audience in charge, if some thing is said they dont like (or just to **** with their minds) they shout "SHOULD HAVE SAID" and the players have to change it

Slides Interview

Space Jump

Spin Doctor

Stunt Doubles Two players start a scene with an obvious physical problem/danger. The physical parts are then mimed by a second team, normally to loud (inappropriate) music.

Superhero Endowment

Tech Rollercoaster The best game ever.

Translation Opera

Type Writer

Voice from Above

Warning Team Based on the TV programme "Knightmare" the players must navigate a perilous environment during which they are challenged by the host. Using "spells" given to them by the audience they must escape.

Wait! There are Ninjas!

Word-at-a-time Interview

With a Hypo in my Neck A scene which will inevitably feature a hypodermic syringe implanted in someone's neck.