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*[[Improverts Game List]]
*[[Improverts Game List]]
*[[Improverts Branding]]
*[[Improverts Branding]]
*[[Improverts Fringe 2006|Improverts Fringe Technical 2006]]

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The old Improverts logo

The Improverts (or Imps) are the EUTC's comedy troupe. Starting out long ago as the "theatre sports" and then briefly the "improvegetables" before finally settling on the current name. The group generally perform a "whose line is it anyway" style show of short scenes and sketches based on a loose game theme and fleshed out by audience suggestion and off the cuff improvised antics. No show is the same as the last and you only have yourselves to blame.

The Imps perform weekly on at 2230 on a Friday night during the university terms generally to near sellout audiences. They have performed in the fringe almost every year since their founding, generally taking one of the late night slots offered to an EUTC show by the company.

The troupe has a rolling team of performers constantly infused with fresh talant as older players depart for the real world. Selecting from the best in their weekly saterday morning workshops recruitment is a continuous process.

See www.improverts.com

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