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Front Of House Sound System

Front Of House sound is distributed from a Zone Mixer in the Box Office, secured to the underside of the shelf immediately to the left of the Box Office computer.

The Zone Mixer takes up to six inputs and sends sound to three zones. Each zone can be independently set to play back one of the six inputs.

As of 2008-07-26 the mappings are:


  • Input 1: Unassigned
  • Input 2: Box Office CD player
  • Input 3: Box Office Minijack (for iPods, laptops, etc)
  • Input 4: Unassigned
  • Input 5: Unassigned
  • Input 6: Tech Box Feed


  • Zone 1: Café
  • Zone 2: Box Office
  • Zone 3: Toilet Corridor



The café is the only zone that has stereo playback - this is a limitation of the Zone Mixer. Additionally, the tech box feed is mono so all playback from the tech box is strictly mono. However, sound from other sources will be in stereo in the café.

Tech Box Feed

The tech box feed enters the box office via a cable on the right side of the box office cupboard door frame.


Any zone can be controlled remotely by attaching a (wall-mounted) remote. When the zone is controlled remotely the first two knobs for the zone (input select and volume) no longer have any effect on the mixer (having been overridden by the knobs on the remote). As of 2008-07-26, only the café zone is controlled by a remote, on the left wall of the café when facing out. This makes it easier for box office staff to keep the box office and toilet corridor playing from the same input.


Each zone has a separate amplifier, all amplifiers are stacked on the floor beneath the zone mixer. The toilet corridor amp is only driving one speaker, this is ideal because the other channel on the amplifier does not work. You make want to take this into account if repurposing the amps.

Don't change the gains on the amplifiers, use the zone volume knobs instead.

As with the tech box sound system, turn on the zone mixer before turning on the amplifiers. When powering down, turn off the amplifiers before turning off the zone mixer.

Adding more inputs

The back of the zone mixer is readily accessible by sticking your head into the shelf space and having a strong light source to hand. The inputs are at the right end of the back of the device (or your left, once you've stuck your head in the shelf). Input one is the edgemost, input six is nearest the middle.

Make sure any wires you add are cabletied neatly so that the shelf space beneath the zone mixer is still as usable as possible. Additionally, keep the next person to come along happy by labelling your cables at both ends. You will be loved.

Doing more interesting stuff with the Zone Mixer

If you need to mess with the zone mappings, remotes, zone EQs or other more advanced stuff you should unscrew the zone mixer from its brackets and get a better look - the device is completely self-documented in astonishingly detail by diagrams on the top and the bottom of the case - including required wiring configurations for the connectors and other useful stuff to know.