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The idea of this page is "to create a list of all the jobs big and small that people think should be done to improve the theatre. These can range from putting in some new lights, to putting the stage where it should be at balcony height. I want people to mention any thoughts they've had however crazy and unrealistic you think it might be, because collectively we have thought of many ways to improve things, but individually we can't remember what they all are. I hope some things can get fix quickly, but it will mainly be to create an ongoing plan for improving the building over the next few years." [stolen from the facebook group Bedlamites]

Cafe Walls

The soundproofing in the walls is non existent. It would be good (particularly during fringe) if we could run the cafe normally even when a show was in.

Possible solutions?

  • I have heard that MDF is very good at insulating sound, loose out on a few mm into either cafe or auditorium + the expense of the MDF
  • One theory is that the sound does not travel through the walls but under the floor. The floor of the cafe is on the same level as the floor of the auditorium, with sound travelling through the space under the floors/along the beams with the seating rake acting as a giant drum. One suggestion to remedy this problem is to simply build a small wall under the floor between the auditorium and the cafe. It has also been suggested that we should saw through one of the supporting beams so that sound will not travel right the way along it. This may, in fact, be a bad plan. But building some kind of wall (cement/brick/wood) or packing part of the underground bit between auditorium and cafe may help.
  • some form of sound absorbing under the rake? especially now that we got the sub there.
  • Other ideas?


They keep blowing. we ought to find a better solution than Bertha.

Reasons for blowing?

  • They have been wired in with really really crap bell wire, as a result they turn on then the wire heats up and melts, changing the current getting to the lamp, thus blowing the lamp

Possible solutions?

  • keep on telling EUSA till they finally send out the engineer they told us they would before fringe 2007. (They may well replace the whole ring with 16A sockets, so we can just move workers whenever we need to, but still have them on the workers switch)
  • Replace the wiring in the whole building!!!

Other Suggestions

In 2008, Neale and Dave came up with this list of stuff to do.

To Do

  • Fix rest of cans system
  • Fix Mins, and Pin Spots.
  • Check sub wiring, the red connection at the amp is dodgy.
  • Properly install sub amp.
  • Make projector mount

Ideal to do - Def before fringe?

  • replace backstage speaker - (so not yamaha)
  • rig stage pickup - feed onto zone 5 of zone mixer
  • rig stage camera
  • build backstage TV holder
  • Setup backstage AV feed
  • Rig TV in Stage cupboard
  • Setup Stage Cupboard Feed
  • Get new XLR's, two Behringer DI's
  • There's a broken 2x4 secondary joist under the tech box, behind the projector box. It can probably be replaced.

Would be really nice to have for fringe.

  • Tighten rig
  • Rig 2xTV's in Box Office area
  • Set up DVD feed (get someone to design sources / Fringe Advertising)
  • Fix some circuits on the rig?
    • Where lots are broken? - Bar 2 SR, Bar 3 SL ...
    • At least look into it.
  • build folo spot positions either side of tech box / anywhere off the rig.
  • Fix and re-lay alpha/beta extensions to under the stage/ stage cupboard.

Never really going to have time/ongoing efforts

  • update the crap out of the wiki
  • get a monitor amp for the tech box.
  • build a second tech box / sm position on top of the tech box.