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Current Branding

Bedlam Theatre


The Bedlam Theatre logo should be shown on all Bedlam Theatre and EUTC related publicity.

The logo should be shown with its surrounding box though the border is optional if the box is shown in contrast to the poster background.

The current branding was designed by Nick Kay for the 2007 Fringe and 07/08 academic year. We are continuing the use of this branding.

Edinburgh University Theatre Company

Stamp k.jpg

Currently the Edinburgh University Theatre Company shares the Bedlam Theatre brand, so does not have a specific logo of it's own. However, if you would like to include an EUTC logo on your publicity you can use the old EUTC "stamp" logo created by Chris Mounsey:

  • If you have a high resolution JPEG of this logo, please upload it or email it to Xander
  • If you have a vector version of this logo, please upload it or email it to Xander

Edinburgh University Students Association


All society posters displayed in University buildings must display the EUSA logo.

Previous Brandings

These images should not be used on publicity. Please attribute these images if you can.