Bedlam Fringe

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Every August the Bedlam turns semi-professional and opens up as Fringe Venue 49.

Here's a history of the people involved...

Fringe 2006

Fringe Venue Manager: Charlotte Jarvis Theatre Manager: Alex Engel Technical Manager: Matt Wieteska Press and Publicity Manager:

Graphics Designer: Box Office Managers: Café Managers:

Box Office Staff:

Cafe Staff:

Fringe 2005

Fringe Venue Manager: Claire Glendenning Theatre Manager: James Turner-Inman Technical Manager: Paul Foxcroft Press and Publicity Manager: Andrew Nielson

Graphics Designer: Chris Mounsey Box Office Managers: Heather Hanshaw + Nick Bustin Café Managers: Graeme Wright + Becca Davis

Box Office Staff:

Cafe Staff:

Fringe 2004