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(Fringe 2008)
(Fringe 2008)
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Threw out loads of stuff<br>
Threw out loads of stuff<br>
Designed new ticketing system<br>
Designed new ticketing system<br>
Fixed FoH sound system<br>
Fixed [[FOH Sound|FoH Sound System]]<br>
==Fringe 2007==
==Fringe 2007==

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Every August the Bedlam turns professional and opens up as Fringe Venue 49.

Here's a history of the people involved...

Fringe 2008

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Colleen Patterson
  • Theatre Manager: Mal Mead
  • Technical Manager: Sam Hansford
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Becs Kamp
  • Business Manager: Fran Walker
  • Graphics Designer: Nick Kay
  • Box Office Managers: Lauren McLeod and Xander Macmillan
  • Cafe Managers: Cat Hobart and Ellie Harrison
  • Box Office Staff: Liz Black, Dylan Read, Fred Gordon, Emma Pattinson, Ellie Richardson, Nicola Hazelton, Lucy Sneddon, Maredith Close
  • Cafe Staff: Amy Brewer, Alex Hatt, Carley Stubbs, Emily Jenkinson


Auditorium: installed new seats, renovated and refinished the rake, laid new carpet
Renovation of cafe servery
Repainted office and redid committee pigeonholes
Reskinned the stage
Re-finished the stage's risers with 18mm plywood
New Sunday opening times, Sunday afternoons
Spray painted the rig black
Fixed the bulge in the cafe wall
Moved the lighting store
Partially restored and re-varnished cafe floor
Rebuilt cafe boards
Threw out loads of stuff
Designed new ticketing system
Fixed FoH Sound System

Fringe 2007

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Matt Wieteska
  • Theatre Manager: Colleen Patterson
  • Technical Manager: Neale Dutton
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Lucy Jackson
  • Graphics Designer: Nick Kay
  • Sponsorship Manager: Becs Kamp
  • Box Office Managers: Alex Hall and Mike Smith
  • Cafe Managers: James "Bruce" Sinclair and Holly Mclay
  • Box Office Staff: Lauren McLeod, Kate Wieteska, Felix Trench, Reg Scott, Chloe Edworthy, Mairi Kellock, Cat Hoyle, Becs Kamp
  • Cafe Staff: Lauren Fried, Becca Day-Preston, Chris Cotter, Craig Hamilton


Fringe 2006

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Charlotte Jarvis
  • Theatre Manager: Alex Engel
  • Technical Manager: Matt Wieteska
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Simon Hodges
  • Graphics Designer: Chris Mounsey
  • Box Office Managers: Helena Larkin and Tom Latter
  • Café Managers: Clemmie Cooke and Charlotte Coles
  • Box Office Staff: Cat Hoyle, James Turner Inman, Richard Shore, Katy Bartholomew, Colleen Patterson, Natalia Prochnicka and Geraldine Heaney
  • Cafe Staff:


  • Replaced blackout curtains on balcony with new black fabric
  • New coffee machine with fancy coffee capabilities for cafe
  • Built large schedule chalkboards for outside
  • Painted office white and blue
  • Reskinned the stage

Fringe 2005

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Claire Glendenning
  • Theatre Manager: James Turner-Inman
  • Technical Manager: Paul Foxcroft
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Andrew Nielson
  • Graphics Designer: Chris Mounsey
  • Box Office Managers: Heather Hanshaw + Nick Bustin
  • Café Managers: Graeme Wright + Becca Davis
  • Box Office Staff: Jeremy Bidgood, Rob Stott, Rosie Drew, Alex Engel, Charlotte Jarvis
  • Cafe Staff: Emma Drage,


  • Replaced carpet in auditorium with carpet tiles
  • New freezer
  • Improved box office system with thermal ticket printer and new software
  • Re-hung rig (termtime budget?)
  • Created trus-based awning for front of building (sponsored by Becks)
  • Installed ADSL internet connection, network cabling and wireless network
  • Loads of painting
  • Improved soundproofing in between café and auditorium around the door
  • Pimped up the office
  • New storage solutions in techbox and balcony for screws and stuff
  • Various new bits and bobs for the café e.g. tea light lanterns
  • Purchase of Dog (who is a rabbit) [and is very cute]
  • Re-skinned stage
  • Sanded down and varnished cafe floor

Fringe 2004

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Miriam Raines
  • Theatre Manager:
  • Technical Manager: James Turner-Inman
  • Press and Publicity Manager:
  • Graphics Designer:
  • Box Office Managers: Paul Foxcroft, Martin Cavanagh
  • Café Managers:
  • Box Office Staff:
  • Cafe Staff:

Fringe 2003

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Cat Smith
  • Theatre Manager: Jono Ellis
  • Technical Manager: Matt Ling
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Sarah Cook
  • Graphics Designer/Website: Neil E. Hobbs
  • Box Office Managers: Alison Timms and Kirsten Morris
  • Café Managers: Victoria Tills and Kati Hind
  • Box Office Staff:
  • Cafe Staff:


  • New potato oven and chiller cabinet for cafe
  • New sound system - two speakers, mini disc players, new MC2 amp, graphics - paid for by profit from Fringe 2002 (!)
  • New level in costume cupboard - see graffiti!
  • Skinned stage cupboard for the first time and removed wall and rail allowing it to become a stage pit
  • Redid cafe and toilets
  • Installed fan in cafe to improve ventilation
  • Obtained two microwaves
  • Redid kitchen - repainted and tiled walls, obtained new oven and hobs
  • Cut down number of EUTC slots to two
  • Held first FOB AGM
  • Held first full preview week schedule
  • Held art exhibition in collabaration with ECA
  • Bought picnic table to extend cafe area (buy a new one!)
  • Made more money than Graeme Timms (sorry long standing debate!)

Fringe 2002

  • Fringe Venue Manager: Graeme Timms
  • Theatre Manager: Richard Hogg
  • Technical Manager: Matt Gray
  • Press and Publicity Manager: Neil E. Hobbs
  • Graphics Designer/Website: Neil E. Hobbs
  • Box Office Managers: Pete Lowden and Sarah Kerr
  • Café Managers: Cat Smith and Rachel Mountfield
  • Box Office Staff:
  • Cafe Staff:


  • Replaced damaged floorboards on stage during re-skinning
  • Dug out back passage and laid path and red chips round that side of building
  • Re-built box office counter
  • Installed Tramp-Cam
  • Much re-wiring of light fittings and sockets
  • Computerised the Box office ticketing system
  • Built the Info-Cat - (He never quite became a cat)
  • Replaced lighting in toilets
  • Rebranded Bedlam Fringe as a separate entity from term-time operation
  • First website with up-to-date reviews, show info, etc
  • Much painting
  • Consumption of the more Caley Golden Promise that the Cash and Carry could stock!!