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The EUTC maintains an archive of publicity, photographs and other materials relating to past shows. For a semi-complete list of EUTC shows go to []

Please feel free to look at through the Archive drawers in the office, where you can find folders with hard copies of publicity and photos from older shows as well as CD's of photos. You will also find old minutes, admin and building information.

To add to the archive simply put either a hard copy or a burned CD with photos, publicity, reviews, etc, in the Archivist's pigeon hole in the office and it will get sorted into the correct folder. All additions from any show that has ever been on at Bedlam or about Bedlam's history are welcome. To add to the online archive or if you have any questions about the archive, eMail archive@bedlamtheatre and your ammendment will be added.

see also Archivist